§ 2. 

Why had shooting better before?

With the advent of modern technology the cost of the footage becomes cheaper, as well as a simplified process to obtain it. I am talking not about all production process, just about the process between shooting and a moment when photographer can see the result. Earlier, to see just shot pictures, in the best case, you should have left three or four hours. We must understand that we are talking about professional photography, so you can quickly look at the footage only if you have a studio with good equipped laboratory. And all that time you need to done different chemical processes. You need to develop a negative, dry it, expose it on the paper, and also to develop the picture, and we can analyze the result. Successful photographers or major publishers for this process has employees in the lab, students also do it by itself.

Not only that, to receive the finished image takes a long time, you also need to serve the entire process, reagents, film, paper, all the components. You can do at your leisure to go into photography shop and calculate how much this process could cost.

And if we talking about commercial photography, retouching was much more difficult, labor-intensive demanded more time. To simplify the process and reduce the time photographers tried to make changes before the shooting. That making adjustments during shooting, you can save two-three hours of retouching. Therefore an shooting mistake cost a lot of time and money. Fix it later it was difficult, we had to reshoot. And I must say that the process of shooting is quite expensive and in our days nothing has changed. Therefore, before shoot we knew in advance what we have in a film and in a final. Earlier photographers knew what they were doing. In fact, they built a frame before expose the photographic material.

The price of mistake was to high, photographer paid for mistake his time, his efforts and his money. Therefore, trying to master the skills and acquire the knowledge to minimize mistakes at the stage of shooting. And modern photographers shooting and then look at the screen of the camera what they made and thinking how to make that didn't happen like this? But they do not know how to manage the scenes, because when you pay your time and money, you feel all the mistakes it makes learning, because randomized learning is expensive. Today photographers even didn't know what is the light meter and do not know why you need it. But, unfortunately, without analyzing the light it's impossible to build a scene.

Your humble servant, the old school photographer and filled all bumps by redeveloping and reshooting, I build the scene before shooting.Today, the ease of obtaining the footage is not forcing photographers to study.